In the holy land of India, so many saints and great personalities has been born time to time as the incarnation of God for the betterment of human life and to save humanity. So, India has been known as a birth land from ancient time of hermits, saints, prophets and apostles.

History shows that many great personalities from all over the world have got spiritual knowledge from the Indian saints and hermits. This is the reason that India is considered to be the spiritual mentor for the whole world. When the Illiteracy, ignorance and obstinacy comes to its peak and the society is surrounded with the social evils and inequality then the almighty god himself emerges to the earth in the form of saints and prophets who gives the right directions to the aimless, deviated and reprobate people.

Great Majesty Baba Buta Singh ji Maharaj

Similar to it, the Great majesty Baba Buta Singh ji ,an incarnation of god who took birth in the undivided India in the distt. Kaimalpur,Village Hadwal in 1873 in the family of respected Shri Sardar Bishan Singh and ,devoted Mata Mayavanti. Since childhood he was very curious for the spiritual knowledge and as per his reclusive nature he used to spend much of his time with the saints and prophets, in the worship of god and in the thorough readings of sacred and religious books.

Initially he joined the army but very soon he left the job and for livelihood of his family he used to make tattoos of names, flowers, pictures of god and the name of dear ones in the hand, arms and body parts of the people at many places. And with his work he also used to spread and expand the God's name and his spiritual knowledge. Babaji had a good knowledge of Hindi, English, Punjabi, Urdu and Persian language.

At the age of 18 ,Baba Buta Singh ji got married with Mata Lajvanti who was the daughter of Sardar Asha Singh Jaggi but unfortunately she was demised in 1904 with the dreadful disease plague. His second marriage was with Matavanti. But God did not want him to have any child from any of the two wives.

Self Realisation

Satguru baba kaahan singh ji made realized baba buta singh maharaj about the inner soul and peace and the Nirgun Nirakar God. As soon as Baba Buta Singh realized that god and human are same ,he found no difference between self and God.Babaji was very blessed to know this divine secret of Nirgun Niraakar God in his life.

After the self realization the great saint and benevolent Baba Buta Singh ji dedicated his whole life to spread this precious knowledge to the whole world.Baba Buta Singhji Maharaj was rich in greatness and kindness.

End of the journey

At the age of 70 years in 1943 after satsang in kohmuree sadguru baba buta singh ji called all of his disciples and preached them to do the meditation or simran of god as it was going to be the end of his journey of life. Baba buta singh ji called up his two loving disciples Baba Mehtab Singh ji Maharaj and Baba Avtaar Singhji Maharaj for the last exhortation and he also behest them to spread this divine knowledge to the whole world. Everyone was very surprised and tense with Babaji's words. All of them were thinking that something bigger and drastic is going to happen over there but they followed the behest of Baba Buta Singh ji. Babaji laid down in a very comfortable mode ,folded his hands and started chanting Mahamantra Tu Hi Nirakar Tu Hi Nirakar Tu Hi Nirakar and in a moment he took his last breath and thus a great saint left his body and became the part of the Nirakar God.



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