Birth of a great soul

The second Satguru of Nirakari Jagriti Mission was Baba Mehtab Singh ji Maharaj . His life is like an inspiration for the people who are curious about the spiritual knowledge and source of motivation to complete the goal of human life. Praising him is like to show the light to the sun.

Satguru Baba Mehtab singh Ji Maharaj was born in the undivided India in Peshawar in 1913 on the auspicious occasion of Kartik Poornima.

Realization of self and god

After completion of his preliminary education, Once he was busy in his daily routine when he coincidently met with Baba Buta Singh ji where he got the precious gift of the knowledge of his own and the god. Whenever we memorize Baba Buta Singh Ji we always remember Baba Mehtab Singh Ji with a reverence and bow our head towards him.

Spread of the divine knowledge in different states

Before taking the last breath Baba Buta Singh ji called his two loving disciples Satguru Baba Avtar Singh Ji and Satguru Baba Mehtab Singh Ji and behest them to spread this divine knowledge to the whole world.

Baba Avtar Singh Ji started his spiritual journey by making his spread and escalation centre, capital of India,Delhi and Baba Mehtab Singh Ji started this holy mission from Kanpur U.P. They sacrificed each and every thing for the sake of Baba Buta Singh Ji and his last wish.

They showed the path of God to so many inquisitive people and make them realize and see the almighty, omnipotent, omniscient, nirgun nirakar god with their open eyes. And they also proved that the true worship of God and the summary of all Vedas, Upanishads and holy books is to be submissive to our mentor and is the basis of life.

SaTguru Baba Mehtab Singh Ji Maharaj used to say that being a follower is not only a word but to do something for it. We can never get success in our search of god and the path shown by our mentor if our words are not similar with our actions. As only an enlightened candle can light other candles thus a mentor who recognizes the real meaning of God and who knows the divine secret of Nirgun Nirakar God is able to show the path to others. This is the key to success for the path of saints.

Babaji preached this mystical knowledge in Punjab,Haryana,U.P. and Himachal Pradesh via different spiritual satsangs . He made people realized who were aimless and pathless about that never changing Nirgun Nirakar God and also make them feel the presence of God with their open eyes. Babaji had the abundant spiritual knowledge, and he was so expert that only a sight of Baba ji makes people fall in his love .

Way of being a pure soul

Babaji always preached his disciples that meditate rather than being worried. If you are worrying for yourself than god will be relaxed and if you will contemplate or do meditation than God will take care of you. We should do our work and god will do his work. The Nirgun Nirakar God is so close and within us that no other materialistic things of the world can be so close.

As our shadow always follow us but we are unaware of it, and as we don't value the things which are so close to us, in the same way God is with us and within us but we are not aware of this fact.

As we cannot see our self without a mirror in the same way without self realization it is difficult to feel the existence of God. As eyes cannot see them without the mirror, in the same way without knowing the self and actualization we cannot know our self, our real form.

When with the prayers and meditations people feel free from the trammel of the past present and future then the person will automatically have the self realization. As all the leaves shred at the time of harvesting and the real grain is left, in the same way when egos, selfishness, avaricious and covetous nature disappears then the only thing left is the pure and divine soul, and it's the irrefutable truth.

Last decision: Inheritor of the mission

When Baba Mehtab Singh Ji Maharaj was in his last stage,he announced Baba Lakshman Singh Ji Maharaj as his inheritor and gave the reins of the Nirakari Jagriti Mission to him, and with the chanting of TU HI NIRAKAR TU HI NIRAKAR he became the part of Nirakar God on 8TH of January 1983. From that day Baba Lakshman Singh Ji started the propagation of the existence of Nirgun Nirakar God which lies within us.



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