The fourth and present Guru Satguru Swami Gian nath ji Maharaj was born in the village Badhauli,Tahsil Narayangarh, district Ambala in Haryana on the auspicious day of Shivratri in a reputed family of late Shri Kesho Ram and Smt.Lajvanti in 1963. His childhood name was Karnail Singh.

Forecast by satguru Pritam singh ji

His father was very spiritual so many saints used to visit at his place and he used to go to them too.Once on the auspicious occasion of Shivratri Kesho Ram ji invited saints for holi rituals. While the distribution of sacraments Satguru Swami Pritam Nath ji Maharaj told his parents that your son will become an introspective,sacrificing and a reclusive saint. He will realize the aimless deviated people about the humanity and mystical knowledge and will show the path of god.

Saint words are always true and never changes. Swamiji's forecast proved right and it happened the same as said.

Reclusive nature from childhood

At the age of 9-10 years Swami Gian Nath ji left his home because of his reclusive nature and came in the shelter of Swami Pritam Singh ji for the sake of introspection. With the prayers he also did the throughout readings of many sacred books. He always thought about that supernatural power who is managing the whole world. Can we see that power with our eyes? Due to his inquisitive nature he was always in the search of this truth. His nature was quiet and isolated.

Behest of the mentor

One day he gently asked his Mentor Swami Pritam Singh ji Maharaj that would I ever be able to see and feel the almighty God. After a long meditation Swami Pritam ji replied just follow the instructions and you will get the answers of your questions and your intensive curiosity would be resolved. On the request of his parents and some reputed people of the village Swami Pritam ji sent him to his paternal village Badhauli to complete his studies till High school.

Beginning of Spiritual journey

As per the order of Guruji he completed his High School from Badhauli and came back to Guruji. Coincidently on the same auspicious occasion of Shivratri Swami Gian Nath ji organized a recitation of Srimad Bhagwat Gita Mahapuran with yagya, holi rituals and repositions in Narayangarh Aashram village Khedki .

He invited all the saints of nearby region and in front of everyone he took asceticism by wearing ochre clothes and accept Swami Pritam Nath ji as his spiritual preceptor and took Gurudiksha from him. All the saints commonly gave him the name "Swami Gian Nath" and his spiritual journey started from here.

Higher Education and job

He got all the love and affection from Swami Pritam Nath ji Maharaj and Mata Triveni Nath. Swami Gian Nath ji got all the success,inspirations and name by their efforts and blessings. His childhood,youth and study period passed in their shelter. He completed intermediate from Gandhi Memorial National College, Ambala cantt. Haryana.

Luckily he got the job in PGI Chandigarh. He continued his studies with the job. He completed his graduation and got the Law degree from Punjab University Chandigarh. As per the behest of Swami Pritam Nath ji Maharaj he has to be in the ochre clothes, get the higher education and earn the name and glory. He should be independent in his life. His words were as good as his bond so he did the same as Swami Pritam ji ordered. He worked for 23 years as personal secretary in PGI Chandigarh in his ochre clothes. He used to visit at Swami Pritam Nath ji place on every holiday.

Meeting with Satguru Baba Lakshman Singh ji Maharaj

When he was studying in GMN College Ambala cantt. He used to stay at her elder sister's place in Boh Ambala, where he met with Satguru Shahanshah Huzur Baba Lakshman Singh ji Maharaj through a colossus person Barkha Ram. Baba Lakshman Singh ji used to go for Satsang at the place of Barkha Ram ji and Swami ji's sister Bimla Devi. He also got the chances to attend Babaji's satsangs. He always listened very carefully and attentively and by a period of time he was fully under Babaji's influence.

Faith on Baba Lakshman Singh ji

Huzur Baba Lakshman Singh ji Maharaj always preached his disciples that god is shapeless (Nirgun ), formless(Nirakar) and the base of this world and he is within us. We can feel and see this Nirgun Nirakar god with our open eyes in a moment only with the help of our mentor.

By remembering every moment this shapeless omnipotent god we can unite with the god and be uniform and can solve this mysterious puzzle of birth and rebirth. As besides this all the visible world which looks changeable, is actually nothing.

Whenever he listens to Huzur Baba Lakshman Singh ji that we can see that Nirgun Nirakar God with our open eyes his belief, love and unshakable trust on him increased manifold. And he started believing that his problem or confusion will resolve here only.

He listened Baba Lakshman Singh ji Maharaj very carefully for around 15-16 years about the never changing, omnipotent, omniscient and eternal being. Once saints arranged an association in PGI Chandigarh,where Satguru Lakshman Singh ji Maharaj was the chief guest. Swami Pritam Nath ji Maharaj also joined. When this meeting was over and all the saints started leaving then Swami Pritam Singh ji Maharaj told him that Baba Lakshman Singh ji will guide you in your future life.

Life dedicated to the Mission

As we listen and read that when heart is so perturbed when there is an intense desire of sight of god then god himself comes in the form of a saint and reveals this secret in front of us. And the same thing happened in his life, Baba Lakshman Singh ji came in his life as the incarnation of god in Chandigarh, and made him realize about the presence and real meaning of Nirgun Nirakar God. From that day he dedicated his life to NIRAKARI JAGRITI MISSION and started spreading the truth of that Nirgun Nirakar God in the whole world.



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