Nirgun Nirakar and Sarvadhar Priyatam Parmatama say in other words ALMIGHTY GOD is such a supreme power which is, which was and which will always be as it is and which can not be divided into parts, which can not be superceded, which can not be overpowered or overruled, which can not be changed with the help of any external or internal power, which can not be affected with any action or reaction at all. We can see this ALMIGHTY GOD PARAMTATVA with open eyes in moment only with the help of a timely BRAMHGYANI ATAMDARSHI competent spiritual guide. We can also realize that this supreme power is always with us on our every breath by doing continue Surat Shabad Yog under the guidance of our spiritual guide. Except this there is no way to have a vast and complete knowledge about this mystery and universal truth. Our Nirakari Jagriti Mission is always in the service of people to guide about this noble cause.



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