The 3rd satguru of Nirakari Jagriti Mission was Baba Lakshman Singh Ji Maharaj who was born on 10th of March 1924 in the Babyaal Village ,distt.Ambala, Haryana. His father was Sardar Chhajja Singh ji and mother was Mata Parmeshwari devi.

Early life and start of spiritual journey

He completed his education from his paternal village and joined army. He served his country by heart and soul. During servicing his country he got transferred to Kanpur U.P. where he met a great saint Mahatma Ramchandra Ji and since then his spiritual journey started.

He also got the chance to meet Baba Mehtab Singh Ji and his inspiring satsangs made Baba Lakshman Singh ji a dedicated follower of him.

Once Baba Mehtab Singh Ji called Baba Lakshman Singh Ji and he also asked Baba Ramchandra Ji about him. Since then Baba Lakshman Singh Ji fall in love with Baba Mehtab Singh Ji and became reclusive and very keen to see that Nirgun Nirakar and omnipotent God with his open eyes. And this curiosity of him increased day by day. As per the saying of saints and great people that Hoiye Vahi jo Raam Rachi Raakhaa proved right.

Realization of God

At last the holy day came when Baba Lakshman Singh Ji realized the reality and truth of the god within us and he also felt the presence of Nirgun Nirakar god with his open eyes with the blessings of Baba Mehtab Singh Ji Maharaj.

BabaJi spent his whole childhood in the company of saints and prophets but from the day he self realized about the divine truth of God, he used to spent his most of the time in the prayers and meditation of Nirgun Nirakar God.

Rein of the Mission

In the last moments of Baba Mehtab Singh ji Maharaj , he called up Baba Lakshman Singh Ji announced him as his inheritor and gave him the rein of Nirakari Jagriti Mission. On 8th January 1983 he became the part of the Nirakar God with the chantings of TU HI NIRAKAR TU HI NIRAKAR.

From that day Baba Lakshman Singh Ji fulfilled this responsibility with great devotion and perseverance and he dedicated his whole life to the propagation of the Nirgun Nirakar God and to make others realize the truth of the god who is within us.

Announcement of the 4th Satguru

Once there was a great and huge saint assembly in the village Kuraali, Ambala, Haryana, and Baba Lakshman Singh Ji called up his loving disciple Baba Gyan Nath ji Maharaj and in the presence of all the saints and prophets Babaji gave his 'patka' around the neck of Swami Gyan Nath ji and bowed his head to reagard him. He also behest other saints to bow their heads and greet Baba Gyan Nath Ji. He said that me and Gyan Nath Ji both are same with the souls, the only difference is the two bodies.

Baba Ji said that from today onwards the first and foremost duty of all of you is to follow and regard Baba Gyan Nath Ji. All supported the decision of baba ji and raised their hands to propagate the ideology of Nirakari Jagriti Mission altogether. And thus Baba Lakshman Singh Ji followed the tradition of giving the rein of the mission to the right person and he started spending his time in meditations.

Last journey

On 17th November 2003 Baba Lakshman Singh Ji gave his last exhortation and speech to all his disciples and bade them adieu by saying DHAN NIRAKAR. He laid down in a relaxing position and started chanting TU HI NIRAKAR TU HI NIRAKAR and became the part of Nirakar God.

The last journey of Huzur Maharaj was with a lot of fanfare,the vehicle was covered with flowers in which his dead body was carried to the mortuary. His vehicle was followed by the disciples chanting TU HI NIRAKAR TU HI NIRAKAR and the environment was full of the sound and feeling of Nirakar god and it was felt that both the Nirakar and Saakar god are same.

Baba Gyan Nath Ji gave the fire to the dead body of the god of his heart Baba Lakshman Singh Ji Maharaj . Baba Gyan Nath Ji addressed all the followers came to be the witness of this moment, that to follow the behest of Baba Lakshman Singh Ji will be the real tribute and flower offering to him.



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