The Nirakari Jagriti Mission is not a new mission. Since ancient times, in order to arise the social and spiritual consciousness among people, the efforts made by self directed saints are called as Missions. The Religion teaches the society to be balanced, prosperous and always be together with love.

The race of physical and materialistic world, the dream of being a millionaire, adapting western culture and the pomp and show of the materialistic world is so influencing for the young generation that they have almost forgotten their values, culture and the real means of "Satyam Shivam Sundaram".

That's why majority of the people are very much far away from the truth and has forgotten the real identity of themselves. Spiritual knowledge is the only source and base of happiness and permanent peace in the world. What is God? Where that supreme power exists? If that supreme power is present in every particle of the nature then why that power cannot be seen with open eyes or realized? Nirakari Jagriti Mission is continuously making more and more efforts to focus light on this reality and to spread the message of spiritualism.

The first and foremost objective of Nirakari Jagriti Mission is to make awareness among the people that we can see the Almighty God with open eyes in a moment. All the religions, sacred books, Brahmagyani saints etc. all are having the same view that humanity is the real religion and we all are the son of one Almighty God, but now the question arises that how we can have absolute and complete knowledge about the supremacy of the Almighty God. This question can only be answered under the direct watch and vigil as well as the continuous in touch of a complete and competent spiritual guide.

To know and recognize in Toto the Almighty God is our best religion and the real worship towards this supreme power. With the help of that supreme power this visionary world arises, confined to it and at the end get absorbed in it. This is the universal truth that God doesn't have caste, religion and color. And with the vision of knowledge we all are pure holy soul which is very far from body, mind, proud, self etc. Our religion is humanity.

People do various kind of worships, fast, read many holy books, spiritual books, go to many religious places and by different invocations, benedictions and entreaty , but still not successful to get the Nirgun Nirakar God. In the Nirakari Jagriti mission with the help of self knowledge and complete & competent spiritual guide, we can see the Nirgun Nirakar God in a few moment with the open eyes who is not achieved even after 88000 years of hard spiritual practice.

The objective of Nirakari Jagriti Mission is to know the God with the blessings of Satguru and love him. God can't be burnt by fire, doesn't dissolve with water, doesn't fly and not to be cut by weapons. First comes the knowledge then meditation because in the worship it's necessary to recognize the God. So one should leave all the extrovert shameless actions, meaningless rituals, superstition, old believes, and to leave the unnecessary debate of religionism, castism, meaningless rituals, customs, blind faiths, communalism, polytheism, secessionism and reasoning.

"Know one, believe in one and be one". So actualize this great chant and believe that God is present in every particle of the surroundings. To believe in supreme power and it's medication is the most important achievement and the key of success in worship which is the art and makes life simpler and easier.



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